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ジョージア工科大学(Georgia Institute of Technology) による Machine Design Part I の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



“Machine Design Part I” is the first course in an in-depth three course series of “Machine Design.” The “Machine Design” Coursera series covers fundamental mechanical design topics, such as static and fatigue failure theories, the analysis of shafts, fasteners, and gears, and the design of mechanical systems such as gearboxes. Throughout this series of courses we will examine a number of exciting design case studies, including the material selection of a total hip implant, the design and testing of the wing on the 777 aircraft, and the impact of dynamic loads on the design of an bolted pressure vessel. In this first course, you will learn robust analysis techniques to predict and validate design performance and life. We will start by reviewing critical material properties in design, such as stress, strength, and the coefficient of thermal expansion. We then transition into static failure theories such as von Mises theory, which can be utilized to prevent failure in static loading applications such as the beams in bridges. Finally, we will learn fatigue failure criteria for designs with dynamic loads, such as the input shaft in the transmission of a car....




Very illustrative presentation, with clever exercises. You can learn easily basic concepts of machine design that otherwise you would need much more time to undestand them on your own or at a college.



The course was a concise and effective review of major concepts. The concepts were well explained and the lessons practical. I have a better understanding of fatigue failure as a result of this class.


Machine Design Part I: 176 - 200 / 529 レビュー

by Ssentumbwe E


I didn't know so much about fatigue analysis but now, I can explain it really well.Great course for machine design!

by Khondaker T H P


This course really help me to understand MD part-1.

many many thanks mam...

I need to know about machine design 2 mam

by Ajay R Y


dr wingate was very clear for the concepts in the course and very helpful in delivering the course . i thank mam .

by Jose C


This course complemented my fatigue lessons received at my home university. It filled some concept holes I had.

by Franco A


I appreciate very much the clarity of the explanation and the usefulness of the examples and of the exercizes.

by Mohamed D


i am very happy to have this course under control of this community and glad to do this thank you very much <3

by Janarrtanan J


Excellent teaching and use of examples and real-world problems/case studies.

Waiting for the other part 2 and 3

by Kavan S


Exceptional course material along with an outstanding teacher.. Thank you for an amazing learning experience!

by Gaurav K


A very good introductory course in Machine Design, interesting with lots of real life example and questions.

by Sahil D


A excellent course for any mechanical or production student.

Thank you so much Coursera and Prof. Wingate !!



Good course for beginner level in understanding the machine design course. Fatigue related topics was good.

by M H A A Y M


A very good course corrected me a lot of concepts and methods of evaluation as well as more than wonderful

by Vittorio C


Very clear presentation of failure theory with calculation examples. Awaiting for Machine Design part 2.

by Vinay S


This is a very comprehensive course on machine design and the instructor is very good with explanation .

by Daniel H J


G​reat course! Well explained theory and the study cases really give you a notion on how to apply theory

by Albert


Excellent teaching, a somewhat large subject is explained very well, without needed to read large books.

by Vedran D


Great course. Great explanations by the tutor. Actually easy to pass, but requires attention to details.

by Toukir A C


Best course with a lot of basic applications of Machine design. But I really want part 2 of this course.

by Noah G


It was an absolute joy to learn this course and the practical aspects were very helpful and informative.

by Mostafa A


Very Good course that concentrates on the key concepts with some case studies that are very interesting.



The course was very interesting and gradually problems were explained from simple to complex problems .

by Deleted A


Dr. Wingate is a very easy to understand lecturer, and her problem explanations are clear and concise.

by Kushal P


Great for brushing up and solidifying the basics of machine design. Waiting for part II of the course.

by Angel M V


Was a very good course 100% recomendable, Excellent Teacher, with very good knowledge about of Design

by Jose L G


It is one of the best courses ever. Too much to learn and it is well explained every single subject.