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ペンシルベニア大学(University of Pennsylvania) による What is Compliance? の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Compliance isn’t only about preventing problems and ensuring that everyone is abiding by laws, rules, and regulations. It’s also about the positive impact a robust and ethical compliance program can have on a business or organization. In this course we will discuss why compliance is important – from the needs facing businesses in highly regulated industries to avoiding fines and penalties to preventing reputational and economic nightmares. We’ll examine real-world examples of compliance and governance failures and their impact, and consider strategies for avoiding similar situations in our own organizations. You’ll be able to think about risk management in new ways and apply strategies to manage it....




I love that the course incorporates so many relevant case studies. Great content. It is taught in a manner that is easy to grasp. Both instructors are excellent at teaching the subject.



I got to have a better perspective of compliance and its role in the business environment. The instructors are well conversant and will enrich you.I would highly recommend this course.


What is Compliance?: 201 - 208 / 208 レビュー

by Max T


The content was ok/good and the general scheme is well-designed and builds up/flows well; but nothing was special. I suppose as an introductory overview it is ok, but I felt it was light - not enough substance/detail, even a lack of material. But mustn't grumble, auditing is free...

by Alexei K


A very superficial touch on compliance for something that is called a "specialization".

by Alex F


I did not know I was not finished the first time.

by Caio C


Too short

by Yuxin C


Too little content make it more like a brief introduction than a class.

by Travis M


A​lthough you will learn alot in the course in regards to complaince, the history of complaince, different regulating bodies, case studies, this certificate is a waste of time. i completed the Regulatory Complaince Specialization, i invested hours of time, spent the money for the certificate only to find out the certificate has a huge disclaimer stamped to the front of it which says its not a degree, its not the same as taking it on campus, it has no credit, and completely marginalizes the effort of the individual. the certificate might as well be written on a napkin as thats how potential and current employers are going to view it.

by Gwendolyn R


For a paid course, I am not satisfied that it is peer graded and further, the Certificate seems to have no value. It was my intention to complete a the entire suite but I have since changed my mind. I am the holder of several Diplomas and Certificates from International Compliance Association and STEP. I was of the opinion that these would be similar but the American version. But of course, had I read the Terms of use, I would have determined this before proceeding so I will take the blame for my disappointment.

If you have any serious certification please guide me to these.

by Christopher N


The peer review garbage at the end is ridiculous! Unenrolling!