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This course is for everyone. In the new world we live in, coding is a universally valuable skill, whether you're a scientist, artist, or a humanist. Algorithms are everywhere, and we all have to understand how they work. The C language is particularly well suited as an introduction to coding: It's a tried-and-true language, and it allows you to understand computing processes at a deep level. No prior knowledge of coding is needed for this course. We'll start at the beginning. The time estimated time commitment for this course is five hours a week for five weeks....




I am really happy I did this course. The instructor is a really experienced teacher. This course gave a good start for learning the fundamentals and moving onto complex programming languages like C++.



Great course to gain a foundation in C programming! The video lectures, coding examples, and peer reviewing of assignments allows one to learn quick and in real time. Would definitely recommend it.


C for Everyone: Programming Fundamentals: 76 - 100 / 1,526 レビュー

by Muhammad Y A


It's so amazing, I've already learned a python before enrolled in this course. I found it more explorable even though I already knew the concept of programming and it also gives a perspective from a machine itself. This course has been fun, thank you.

by Sanket M


It was a bit tough but i felt it interesting to do. i will surely reccomend to this course for beginners. doing this course also helped me in refreshing my mind frome regular studies. Thank you so much coursera and UCSC for designing this course.

by Claire L


This course helped me to get the fundamental knowledge of programming. Overall, the explanation from professor Pohl is very clear, but sometimes you need to take some research after class, which I think is good for self-learning as well.

by Dagmawi W


I would say that this course has laid a solid foundation for my C-Programming skills. A lot has been covered and a lot of practical examples given. I would recommend this course if you want to have a Core understanding of the Language.

by Mukul K G


Very well designed . It is interactive because of peer reviewed assignments and discussion forums. Also programming is today's need in every fields. I strongly recommend this course to everyone who want to learn from the basics.

by Denis K


Being already programmer, I never really used C - only the frontend stack. But I want to use the WebAssembly and decided to learn C & C++. It was a pleasure to pass this course, of course I am about to finish the serie or them.

by Magdalena R


I learned a lot in this class - I was using this to brush-up on C for work, and it was very helpful. Just simple enough to be encouraged, just difficult enough to set up understanding for concepts, and make you really learn.

by Nawodya I


First, when I looked at the content of the 4 courses, I was delighted with how resourceful they are. Then I started this first course it grew more. The assignments and teaching style are very impressive not for a beginner.

by Rajni K S


The course has helped me in gaining knowledge in C language and problem solving. Now I am much confident in basic C.

Mr. Ira Pohl has been a great instructor and I want to thank him for sharing wonderful knowledge with us



A perfect course for beginners and those new to programming. The video lectures, coding examples, and peer reviewing of assignments and quiz allows one to learn quick and in real time. Would definitely recommend it !

by Chua C T


Prof Pohl took the time to explain each and every step of C code to help beginners like myself tread water easier. His book on "A book on C: Programming with C" is a good resource to look up when in doubt. Thank you!!

by Aditya R S


Thank you!! This course helped me in knowing the basic fundamentals of C language. I was a begineer in coding when I joined this course, but now I am being able to solve most of the problems. Thanks, Coursera.!!!!

by Anurag G


First of all thanks to Coursera for providing me financial aid on this course.

This is a very good course for beginners, all basic concepts are made to understand easily. Very helpful for starting C programming.

by Миннуллина Р Р


Explanations are understandable,

the lecturer explained the material with examples and inspired to start coding after each lecture. I feel that now I can start programming and learn much more difficult things

by Pratyush


this course was very helpful for me and I have learned many this from this program. This course had led to increase in my understanding and skills of C language which will be very useful for me in the future



good course i am currently in second year of computer science i already completed the c language but this course revise some of my key concepts thank you sir ira pohl lots of respect and good wishes



I encourage everyone if you do not yet join this course yes you can join you will run many new things whether you are a beginner or any other skills in programming. You will enjoy it for sure.

by Piyas A


Thank you for online course,It is really helpful.I have learnt very nicely.Thank you to my all respected teachers and Peer grade too and this Coursera course to give this opportunity to me.

by Hernán R V G


It has a good summary of the essentials topics about C.

It might have helped if the text in the videos would be more interactive. Even so, the professor and his classes were good explained.

by Kirill D S


The course is wonderfully designed for Users that are starting to learn how to code or in need of relearning, the course is straight forward and all detailed are explained thoroughly.

by st43r


Such cool course and especially professor's explanations!!! Thank you so much, University of California, Santa Cruz. I really appreciate your work on this course; it helped me so much

by Nixon P


The professor who teaches the course explains the concept very effectively . I refurbished my knowledge of c again , and i feel i learned something more from this course about C.

by Rithik C


The course is great , and it's cover all the basic of C language .Without coursera I can't get knowledge from the world best teacher , Thank you Coursera and also the instructor.



Sometimes the way the teacher writes in the board is little confusing but if you pay atenttion it's pretty useful course to dquire a lot of C and C++ basic/intermedium concepts

by Vedang S


If someone want to begin with learning C language then this course is best suited for them as it easy to learn and the method of teaching of Dr, Pohl are the best and simplest.