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As data becomes the modern currency, so the ability to analyse the data quickly and accurately has become of paramount importance. Excel with its extraordinarily broad range of features and capabilities is one of the most widely used programs for doing this. In the first course of our Excel Skills for Data Analysis and Visualization Specialization, you will learn the fundamentals of Excel for data analysis. When you have completed the course, you will be able to use a range of Excel tools and functions to clean and prepare data for analysis; automate data analysis with the help of Named Ranges and Tables; and use logical and lookup functions to transform, link and categorise data. This course will enable you to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals, helping you to be more efficient in your day-to-day and developing the necessary skills to work with the more advanced techniques used in later courses. To make the content easy to relate to and to personalize the learning experience, we are going to follow Zara's journey through the course. Who is Zara? Well, she is no-one and everyone. You will find that Zara's trials and tribulations sound familiar, and together with Zara, you will develop your Excel skills along the way — and, importantly, have some fun doing it. The Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization courses are the sequel to one of most successful specializations on Coursera, Excel Skills for Business, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of learners and top ratings. Transform your skills, your confidence, and your opportunities by adding this new set of skills to your repertoire....



Well done. A small thing, though: in the quizzes, the grading could be made more fault-tolerant. Example: an answer such as AND(y,x) instead of AND(x,y) is deemed wrong, which borders on the nasty.


Super fun and and intellectual course. Real need of hour to excel in Excel :) . This course helped a lot, in improving skills in excel analytics.\n\nspecial thanks to both the instructors !!!!!!!


Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis: 176 - 200 / 495 レビュー

by Lal K B


It was really nice completing the course, It would be good if you provide books for reference.

by Abdul H b A Y


Excellent content, recommended for anyone who needs to learn Excel for anything involving data

by Hedieh S


I really enjoyed the quizzes, the questions helped a lot remembering the things were thought.

by Manjiri S


I loved the way Course ended. With all the assesments, workbooks legit makes us EXCEL NINJA

by Ronald G


This was a very well presented course. The directions were clear and concise. Thanks you!!

by Hiran I


Great experience with Coursera. Lots of new things has been learned. Thank you very much!

by Maria D


I found new things about Excel. The videos are really useful and the workbooks excellent.

by Duy N


This course helps you some basic functions which is useful for cleaning and arrange data

by Kazi H R


As always Macquarie does not disappoint at all.Eagerly waiting for the last two courses

by Abda F A M


This is a perfect course to learn how to analyze data in Excel and use it efficiently.

by Fethi


This course gave me a better way to see excel from a different angle. Very satisfied.

by Pradeep R


The course is taught well, and its structure is conducive for learning and practice.

by Raj B K


I think this is the best course for Excel.

Nothing is better than this.

very useful.

by E L


t​he last part is a bit hard but overall EXCELLENT TUTORS AND GRAPHICS. MORE power!

by Ercan A


Excellent course, Highly recommend. Clear instructions on the exercices and exams.



Very useful and perfect introduction to how to use excel in business data analysis

by Ellenita R R


I enjoyed the assessment and pracctice exercises of the coourse. Great materials!

by Yunus Ö


Very useful piece of information with quite clear expressions. Thanks in advance.

by Yong V K


Excellent course that gives me what I needed to know about Excel as an accountant

by Teerapipat P


Very useful for fundamental level of data analysis. Love this course. Thank you.

by Bronwen P


​Excellent structure and resources. Both challenging and satisfying to complete

by Md. M A


It was great course for learning excel data calculation and easy to understand.

by Y.Chandra S


Thank You for gaining more Knowledge from Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis.

by Diego A A G


This course gives you a solid foundations of excel even if you are a beginner.

by Kevin H


Great course - gave me a great starting point for dealing with large data sets