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ミシガン大学(University of Michigan) による Pythonデータ構造 の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This course will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will move past the basics of procedural programming and explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform increasingly complex data analysis. This course will cover Chapters 6-10 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. This course covers Python 3....
Excellent instructor


Helpful assignments





This was a super-fun course! The materials were very easy to follow, and delivered in a very friendly and engaging manner. I highly recommend this course to anyone just getting started in programming.



I feel incredible that I knew almost nothing about programming just a month ago. Now I have done two of the courses of the specialization and I can actually understand other basic codes. Great course!


Pythonデータ構造: 26 - 50 / 10,000 レビュー

by Jaineel N


Amazing and really good for a novice

by Frederik J E


Instructor, Dr. Chuck, is terrific. However, assignments are incredibly difficult. You are supposed to spend no matter than a few hours a week on the course. I spent over 100 hours alone on the assignments. The mentors that are supposed to help you did not help at all. Very poorly put together second module that does not prepare you to complete the assignments

by Chaobin Y


The introduction is nice, but the problem is the homework design. If homework doesn't cover too much of what people learnt in class, it is easy to forget materials in class.

by Sergey K


Chuck is still a great lecturer. It’s a pleasure to listen and watch him. I am lucky for the chance.

But, *some grunting* if first course was Hogwarts-like, second was definitely in Azkaban-manner.

It seems as Chuck was kidnapped from his cozy study, devoid of his fave thermo-mug and such like, he was placed in some dark something. So even Chuck became not so happy self, imho. Some Azkaban-notes one can see in The Course N2. Just look at the paper-glass in hands of the professor.

Tuples-week seemed to me was read in hasty manner. From 14:46 it was even that Prof was a bit inaccurate, (chalked too much of stuff on the screen and one or two other things).

Week 7 showed us his return to his Lares and Penates but the exception imho just proves the rule.

If one asks for my personal opinion, I vote for “Hogwarts”, study-lectures without cameramen tricks and with the thermo-mug. I hope future courses would be great too. Chuck Rules!

by Giselle d C S B


This course was an excellent experience for me. In my opinion, Dr. Chuck is a very creative and brilliant teacher. I think being a teacher is one of the most difficult professions in the world, but being a great online teacher is even more difficult. Nevertheless Dr Chuck has proved that this is possible. He makes that every student who takes his classes fall in love with Python, and want to learn everything about it. Also he gives us all the information and the tools we need to understand each leccion and to make all the excersices in the course. He invents different ways to motivate his students, such as all the interviews to famous IT people, and the meetings with fellow students of Coursera. I'm very greatfull for this experience, thanks to Coursera and thanks to Dr. Chuck.

by Alex B


I really love the way Dr Chuck is teaching. It is incredibly clear and you never get bored even if each lecture is over 20 minutes long. After each lecture you do feel like you've become an expert in that topic.

However, the course is very diluted.... Only 4-5 lectures over 7 weeks is too little content, especially if you are to pay the $79 required for certification. Each week contains a lot of videos that, although being interesting, are not directly relevant to the course. I finished the whole thing in 2 days ^^

by Kundrpu M


bonous videos are not good

by Aditya A


Absolutely awesome course. Dr. Chuck has earned my first internship earning me around 150$ per month at the age of 18. I'm now a python trainer myself at a small organisation.

by Vladimir C


Not enough exercise unfortunately + no correction of the assignments!

I think as well that the video format is not always great, it makes it difficult to find specific content in a course

by Minhao S


content is good ,but teaching staff are helpless

by Ester N


Way too expensive for its contents

by Teodor M


The course is really trivial. Maybe I was expecting so much, but the material is really to simple. Also there are a lot of material which lector things is fun and cool, but it is really anoying. Please, try to focus more on programming instead of being cool and fun. Thanks for understanding.

by Nashla F


I took this course as a follow-up to part 1. I loved part 1 and was very excited and optimistic about part 2. I have absolutely no background with computer programming, but have a PhD and have been a college professor for 8 years. Based on what Prof. Severance stated in course 1, I thought it would all "click" in chapter 7; sadly this was not the case. Beginning in Ch. 7 I realized that neither the lectures or textbook (which btw is pretty much 95% covered in lecture slides) did not prepare a student to complete the assignments. Here is what I did to prepare for assignments: 1) Watched all videos 2/ more times, 2) Created my own slides by taking a screenshot of all slides, then printed them so I could take notes alongside the slides while rewatching the lecture , 3) Drew charts & figures of vocabulary and concepts, 4) Read the discussion forum on assignments I struggled with for around 1-2 hours. I gave up after spending hours and hours trying and failing at creating the correct code. Eventually I just googled for help on the internet, which is the only way I was able to complete assignments. Don't waste your money on this course. There is no way to connect with the instructor to ask questions and the teaching assistant is rude, unhelpful and deletes your comments if she doesn't like them. I'm very disappointed with this course, for which I had very high expectations based on the first course. I was originally planning to take the entire 5-course series, but will be looking elsewhere to learn Python.

by Chintan M


Again all the unnecessary talking!!! He talks a lotttttttttttttttttttt!!! Why so much of unnecessary talking? Why can't he just get to point straight away and making the video soooooooo long!!! Hate it!



I feel incredible that I knew almost nothing about programming just a month ago. Now I have done two of the courses of the specialization and I can actually understand other basic codes. Great course!

by Akki P


I just love Mr. Charles. I honestly appreciate the effort he put into making the graduation video. Truly encouraging students to learn more was really moving. Thanks so much for this course, Charles.

by h c


I've enjoyed and have learned from this Python series overall. The resources overall with the videos and book are very useful. Coursera has been amazing in that it can offer these courses at an affordable price. Unfortunately, on my last assignment with this course "Python Data Structures", I did not have a good experience using the discussion board. I have to say, that I am very disappointed with the feedback from one of the TAs on a question I posted. Not only could she not help me but her tone on her responses I feel are unnecessarily condescending. Oddly, her hints and comments instruct me to correct code that is not wrong. I spent unnecessary hours trying to find a solution based on this TAs poor guidance. I certainly know that being a TA with a forum of hundreds of students a t time may be overwhelming and/or mistakes can happen. I can accept that, but her tone on responses, was unnecessary, unmotivating, and disrespectful. Playing around with the code, I finally figured it out and it had nothing to do with her guidance. It was a very odd experience with this TA.

by Bonus K


The instructor was GREAT GREAT. This course gives me the idea how I can use Python in real life. The assignments are more challenging than the Getting started with Python Course which is good for the learner. But the teaching staff ruined my experience here so I deducted 2 stars out. For those of you considering to take this course, do it but keep in mind that some rude replies from teaching staff may happen here.

by Mary J


The book really gave more details about the individual chapters. Hence it was easy to do the assignments and quizzes without watching the videos.

I recommend that specializations should follow this trend, so students who find it difficult to access Internet can use the book as a guide.

More examples are needed to understand the concepts especially Tuples and DIctionary

by Andrew R K J


Teaching staff was not helpful & then rude. I asked for help & could not get. When I get help for free from colleagues, my assignment was turned down because it did not meet what was taught. It was a single line to remove duplicates. Yet, I could program this whole thin in Alteryx faster & cleaner than this course.

by Owen S


Ok course overall. However, I will recommend you guys to fire a staff named Tamara Brunnock. I usually get along with people pretty easily, but this staff is downright arrogant, rude, and unhelpful. Look into her profile and you see that she says things like "This is an inefficinet approach " or " Why are you doing this". And, there was one time when she replied to my question, and I was like " Thank you but please dont't be rude in your next reply" and she DELETED my post?!?! I believe that Python Data Structures, a begineer course, should be inclusive and welcome, and Tamara Brunnock is taking away from these values. I will like to see her dismissed from her postition!

by Matthew B


No teaching. Just a guy talking. Do the problem sets for practice. If you need help, pause the videos and try the code out yourself.

Seriously though, a programming course where the teacher is not actively type out the code but just scribbling around it. He doesn't work through code but talks around the concepts.

by Mohammad H


The teaching assistance is very impolite. Not helpful. I dropped out of the whole course because of her.

by Hakan T


Horrible TAs. They should all be changed. They are extremely rude and annoying.

by Mainak D


This is the second course in the Python for Everybody specialization, and corresponds to the second half of the previous course of the same name. As with the first course (Getting Started with Python), I found Dr. Chuck's thorough approach to the material to be likely to be very approachable for a beginning programmer. I have some experience with Python, including the previous course and a course in the Genomic Data Science specialization, and I have a fair amount more experience programming using R, so I found this course very easy.The course introduces the common data structures in Python (lists, strings, files, dictionaries, tuples) and the functions used to manipulate them. Dr. Chuck does an excellent job of introducing each piece, although the course is a bit light on practice problems, and there are probably better resources for actually getting comfortable using these on a regular basis. The book "Learn Python the Hard Way" and the EdX course from MITx (6.00.1x) are supposed to be two of the best resources out there. I recently bought the first and enrolled in the second, so I'm hopeful that they will help me to become as comfortable programming in Python as I am in R.Overall, four stars. A gentle introduction to data structures in Python, but a little light on the exercises needed to become really proficient in using them.