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University Teaching is an introductory course in teaching and learning in tertiary education, designed by staff at the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Hong Kong. With input from instructors, guests and interviewees, including teaching award winners, students, and experts in the fields, you will be exposed to research evidence in relation to effective university teaching and practical instructional design strategies. You will also be exposed to multiple examples of effective teaching, and hear the views of teachers whose teaching has been judged to be excellent. More specifically, University Teaching will help you to address the following questions: - What does teaching in higher education involve? - What does research evidence tell us about effective teaching in higher education? - How can we ensure that our instructional design will help our students achieve their intended learning outcomes? - What pedagogic options do we have to make our teaching successful? - What assessment and feedback practices can help our students learn more effectively? After completing the learning tasks in this course, you will be able to: - Discuss the teaching and learning context in higher education and reflect on the potential challenges and opportunities you might encounter. - Explain key teaching and learning concepts and relevant evidence in relation to effective university teaching. - Analyse the relationships between various aspects of teaching and student learning. - Identify a range of instructional strategies to support effective student learning. - Apply key concepts to the structuring of course outlines and lesson plans in order to create learning experiences to support successful student learning. Course trailer: Course outline:



Dear Instructors and course co-ordinators,\n\nI really enjoyed this course. You explained all concepts very clear and in a simple manner. I wish to attend more courses from you. Keep going. Love you.


Very well laid out and explained. The short videos are clear and on topic, and the quizzes at the end of each module are well reflective of the content. I feel like I learned a lot!


University Teaching: 1 - 25 / 276 レビュー

by Maria B


This is very good i must say best course.It is excellent for the students who want to learn all about teaching as freshers.All the content provided in this course by the teachers in a very good and manageable way so it is really helpful.Teacher in this course are teaching in a very good way that make it easier for me to understand all the course.Thank u so much my Respected Teachers.

by Ali T S


The course is designed for newly inducted teachers and aspirants for teaching at University level. The course has well structured outline and feels very lively which keeps you emotionally connected and intellectually busy. The lecture videos are also engaging which because of their positive vibe motivate you until you finish the course even before the expected time.

by Saba S


I learned many latest techniques , the course is very well designed with interviews, literature and tips. Language is clear and assignments are unto level. I highly recommend this course for teachers at university level in any educational field.

by Do D K


Course is very meaningful. After completing the course, I found a new teaching method from the useful knowledge taught by the professor and applied my teaching at schools and companies.

by Dr. S S


This course is very insightful and I have learned quite a lot. My favorite area though is University Teaching . I believe I will be better able to understand persons around me.

by Alberto P J F


I like it because it offers a lot of interesting ideas and it offers lots of alternatives to traditional education. Is a course focused on the 21st century and it encourages teachers to find new and efficient teaching methods and ways of assessment.

However, the assessments of the course are very traditional (tests, regular forums,... which is sometimes a contradiction with the spirit of the course.

by Professor C


This is an excellent course in a nutshell. I never thought that entire experience of University Teaching system, modality and methodology can be taught in such a short span and that anyone can get this grade. THANK YOU for teaching us. BIG THANK YOU COURSERA.

by Karl-Erik A


The University Teaching course is excellent. The video presentations give a good overview of each unit topic. The readings provide a deeper understanding of the topics. The practice quizzes motivated me to study the unit topics excessively.

by Dalma G


Really useful. The course was well-structured and the different theories and techniques were well presented with memorable examples. Since completing this course, I used several techniques in my everyday work and they work!

by Mustafa N


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This is an excellent course for anyone seeking to learn from scratch or improve already learned fundamentals of University Teaching. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you The University of Hong Kong!

by Shailendra D


An useful course for those teachers trying to establish themselves in the university teaching.The pronunciation and delivery modulation of the instructors is so clear that there was no need to go back and forth.The interviews embedded in the course are very useful to know the concepts behind the design,delivery and assessment of the courses.Highly recommended not only for freshers but for even those that are experienced.

by sowdamini t


Thank you so much to the University of Hongkong for designing and delivering such a wonderful course. I personally learned many inputs to enhance my teaching and assessment abilities. And all the resources which are provided in this course are really worthy. I am very much happy to be a faculty of GITAM UNIVERSITY for providing this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

by Maxim T


The course introduces a student-oriented learning approach, provides real life examples of in-classroom discussions, in-field practices, experiential learning, assessments strategies, and feedback examples. The course puts emphasis on where it should be – student learning. It showed me the things I was doing wrong as a teacher. Highly recommend to all teachers and lecturers.

by Herwin B C


This course is indeed a great help for University teachers like me to upgrade our skills in teaching. I have learned various techniques and strategies on how to actively improve intended learning outcomes, instructional design, classroom management, teaching methods, and engagement of the students in the learning process. Definitely I recommend this course! Thank you.

by Naomi P


An excellent course covering educational psychology theories and pedagogical research with an application to real life teaching scenarios which influence self regulated critique and deep learning in students. I would recommend this course to anyone interesting in teaching at university level as well as those providing training in the workplace.

by Asani


It is a very useful course especially if you are planning a future in the educational services or teaching in higher education. Can thoroughly relate to so many examples and theories taught and cited in the Course. I'd like to recommend this to people if you have second thoughts on whether to enroll for this course. Thank you HKU and Coursera.

by Tina N W


The course is useful and is able to show me various good teaching techniques. I have more idea about the higher education teaching, the objectives setting, the assignment design and the way of feedback. This sets as a starting point for university teaching, and we can really get some interesting and useful ideas and resouces from this course.

by Roberto S


Rich in information and with well-crafted video lessons, this is a course I strongly recommend to anybody who cares about teaching and student learning. It deals with common misconceptions, gives theoretical and practical information, and has a fairly easy schedule to follow. Overall, a great course made by extremely competent professionals.



I thoroughly enjoyed the session/videos and it reminded me of how to teach more creatively, but still get great results. The suggestions about teaching group and feedback assessing were reassuring and I am going to go back to school and remind them how should be utilized in a way that does not totally demoralise the students

by Vivekanand P


It is an excellent course to achieve the knowledge how to conduct a teaching and learning for higher students. Its videos are really helpful to gain the information about the topics.

The only suggestion to improve further, is to give more chance to communicate with other students and take their queries regarding our doubts.

by Unai L N


I would recommend it for anyone who is new or lacking experience in university teaching. The course is well designed, well presented and the content is up-to-date, covering almost everything a new lecturer would need to prepare and run a university-level course, from course design to dealing with a class.



This is an excellent course which clearly indicates the pragmatically relevant theories on university teaching; the provided lectures, quizzes and reading materials are enlightening and accessible. I highly recommend this course to any scholars intent on pursuing their further career in academia.

by Ar.Muktheeshwar E


One of the best courses i have experienced in course era. the course made me involved in my teaching practices which i am doing now and some of the best teaching learning concepts i could learn in this. It is very much effective course for the faculty who all involved in University teaching.



This course is very intresting for those intrested to know about different teaching ,learning methods, Method of assessment and feedback system ..

Thanks to everyone who have made this course in a more structured way..Looking forward to implement the knowledge gained I'm this course..

by Leticia d M


On my top 2 of MOOC courses.

Well structured,

Objective and succinct.

Great references and easy to access materials if you are interested in following up on a specific topic.

Captivating delivery and multimedia resources.

I am looking forward to more courses from them and like this.