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This course presents critical concepts and practical methods to support planning, collection, storage, and dissemination of data in clinical research. Understanding and implementing solid data management principles is critical for any scientific domain. Regardless of your current (or anticipated) role in the research enterprise, a strong working knowledge and skill set in data management principles and practice will increase your productivity and improve your science. Our goal is to use these modules to help you learn and practice this skill set. This course assumes very little current knowledge of technology other than how to operate a web browser. We will focus on practical lessons, short quizzes, and hands-on exercises as we explore together best practices for data management....




Very excellent course with fun project assignments. I learned quite alot even though I already have a good amount of knowledge on data management! The professors are also engaging and professional.



This course is very carefully designed to give a moderate idea how the eCRFs are made in RedCap database system.It gives you a fair background of clinical research processes and database designing.


Data Management for Clinical Research: 76 - 100 / 409 レビュー

by David M


Very practical given the potential scope of the material. The ability to get hands on with REDCap is a real bonus and helps bring the content to life through discovery and application. The special topics overviews as a dip into larger extensions of the work is also super helpful and helps put what we learn in context of the bigger picture in various settings.

by Mansi R


i really appreciate my time in exploring this course, it's an intersting course with a basic knowledge of survey design, conduction of research. I came to learn a lot about clinical research. The professor are incredible in their area of expertise , they madfe the information easy to grasp. You should try it if you haver a interst in research field.

by Prasanth Y


The course Data Management for Clinical Research was carefully designed for the benefit of the participants and allowed to surf through the required skills in a short span of time. I highly encourage others to take the course whoever needs to learn about data management for clinical research. Thanks to all the instructors who did a fantastic job.

by Hyzel D


​Very happy to take this course. As someone who just started in this field of Clinical Research this course helped me a lot in grasping the basic understanding of data management. The course is well structured and the asssessment is well thought out. With this course also, I was able to update my CV that landed me for job interview invites.

by Mpho M


What a fantastic course. The course contents was great and the instructors did a wonderful job with the presentations. Everything was easy to follow and the pop up quizzes during the lectures were a brilliant way to stay on track with what was being taught. Thank you to the contributors for putting together such an informative course.

by Canda C


I wish the instructors were a little more accessible. It is hard that everyone is looking to receive help. I think for those who complete asignment and review that you all find ways to have it where those same individuals can grade the ones coming behind them. It's only fair. Otherwise, the course wasn't that hard to follow.

by Tamara M


​this was a great course. I am glad i participated. I learnt more than just data management. I also learnt how important it is to critically think about the study variables before conducting a study as well as respecting the participants right to protection of information. Thank you to the facilitators of this course.

by Sangeetha S


Instructors were great and materials were appropriate. I enjoyed learning every bit of it. It was very close to having an in person experience when I see the instructors face to face.(although virtual) Definitely recommend!

Thank you Paul, Stephany and team!

Looking out for more exciting courses from your team!

by Carlotta G


A well organized course, very interesting topics and very good and clear instructors. The possibility of being able to download all the material is also very useful. The course provides quite comprehensive training on the subject. The training on RedCap and the tutorials on its use are definitely useful.

by Chukwunonso U


This Course gave me a better insight on how to plan data collection, manage and regulate quality data for clinical trials and health surveys. I'm happy with how the Instructors explained every content of the Course and the way the quizzes and assignment reviews were done. The team work felt wonderful.

by Alec S


This was a fantastic course!! The format was very helpful with quizzes and projects scheduled after each lesson to reinforce the information that was taught in the prior week's videos. The video lessons were clear, concise, and geared to assist the students in real-world data management applications.

by dinesh k


This Data management for Clinical research course is really an eye-opener for me encouraged to do clinical research.

I thank all my Instructors who have given detailed lectures and my colleagues who analyzed my assignment.

It enhanced my knowledge in the clinical research area.



i understood how REDCap sowtare works and the requirements while creating a case report format. The good practise during data management during clinical reserach is well explained. I like to do related course which helps me to get more experience in this field.

by Diego R


Very good course. I enjoyed Paul classes specially and it was very informative. If I may add my opinion there was a bit overlap at the end of the course, there where two classes that were very similar talking about clinical research in developing countries.

by robin z


The course is well designed and very helpful for people trying to get themselves into the clinical research. It teaches some fundamental knowledge of clinical study as well as practical skills such as the utilization of EDC. Highly recommended!

by Erick M J T


Un curso excelente con mucha información relevante, distintos instructores y una cuidadosa selección de material y lecturas sugeridas. Realmente lo recomiendo para cualquier persona interesada en la gestión de datos de investigaciones clínicas.

by Yi-Chi B


This is a great course that provides important advice on clinical data capturing as well as hands on experience in designing forms or surveys using the data capturing system REDCap. I am ready to use what I learned from this course on my job!

by Sindhuja N


Fantastic course with in-depth information. It needs enough thorough reading. Very good assignments with REDCap! Instructors are very clear and engaging. I liked them all. mHealth could have been updated to latest by the same person. Cheers!

by Rama


Learned basic technologies to build survey or test cases relate to specific disciplines and apply these electronic data capture system experience to use in my research career. Thanks to all wonderful teachers of Coursera Data Management!

by Deepa P S


Wonderful course with detailed description of each module plus assignments on redCap to make us understand better. A very well defined and structured course!!. Thanks a lot to the instructors, coursera and to Vanderbilt University :):)

by Sonia L P C


Very good. The course is very interesting. This course provides important research tools, databases and data management and analysis. Thank you for the excellent classes and the valuable activities proposed by the teachers.

by Shota J


The course was extremely useful and valuable. The lecturers are great and explaining all materials on a very high level. I do recommend the course to all interested parties. Thank you so much for your great work.



It is a very useful course for me to start my entry-level experience. Thank you for providing this course and software to create clinical trial recording and survey. I learned a lot from this. Much appreciated.

by Yifeng Z


For me, it is a great course for those who are curious in Clinical Data Management, since it covers almost every aspects of the daily task of a clinical data manager in an introduction manner.

by neha p


The course is really good. It explains the basics in clinical trails and very well focuses on data management. Also it gives good hands on experience of data collection instruments.