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Our lives are being disrupted by pandemics, global warming, wars, political chaos, and technological innovations. We must prepare for an unpredictable and unknown future - and this is the goal of the course on Creativity, Innovation and Transformation (CIT)! CIT is an upgrade of the former Creativity, Innovation and Change (CIC) course, which is now streamlined and updated with a new module on Transformation. The course consists of four main Modules: Innovation Toolbox Creative Diversity CENTER Transformation The course offers unique ways to: Discover our unique creative and innovative nature Grow our sense of responsibility to ourselves and our community Transform our inner world into higher moral and ethical states Appreciate unexpected beauty and deeper meaning in our lives. Through a blend of rich and fresh perspectives on topics of creativity, innovation, and transformation, the course contributes to making us aware of our unique creative selves and how we can unfold our individuality in a world of disruptions and differences in great need of everyone’s creative, innovative and transformative potential! Welcome to CIT MOOC! Recommended Readings Innovate or Die - Jack Matson: CENTER - Darrell Velegol:



Sep 01, 2015

An awesome course with good explanations and tasks.\n\nAt the end of the course, it enabled me to think the other way that I usually do not do on looking at any object.\n\nThank you team.


Jul 06, 2020

One of the best course that I came across and actually learned How all of us are Creative!\n\nThank you very much for amazing experience and interestingly challenging learning method!


Creativity, Innovation and Transformation: 76 - 100 / 111 レビュー

by José L P C

May 04, 2019

Useful, excellent!

by Tushar R

Apr 15, 2017

Great! Must Try.

by Ukachi O

Sep 01, 2018

Very insightful

by Hans A

Sep 15, 2015

great course.

by Namal J

Mar 02, 2019

Very good

by Li Y

Dec 14, 2015

very good

by 譚詩瑩

Oct 08, 2016


by Aditya C

Sep 29, 2019


by Vũ C B

Jul 11, 2017


by Rahul J

May 27, 2019


by Jasmine L

Jun 13, 2020

It actually provides more insight on planning and organisation of ideas based on different working styles, and embracing your own style, yet being open to others. To also learn to observe more and delve deeper into our thoughts. However, I do feel that the lessons could have been made more interesting, e.g. with illustrations/visuals/graphics of examples, or cite stories that are more light-hearted, rather than being voice-heavy and slightly monotonous at times, since this is a course on creativity.

by Keith

May 24, 2020

I enjoyed the course and the projects given. They are different from the courses that I have taken so far. I would have given five stars if the peer-review process can be improved. During the course, I encountered plagiarism, blank submissions. Can these be better controlled by AI to sieve these out? I also had to constantly check to see if there are peer submissions I can review. Perhaps, there can be email notifications.

by Fatima M

Mar 04, 2017

This course really helps you look at creativity in a different way, it is very empowering but for this course to be successful you must apply what you have learned everyday, its practice otherwise the teachings will not be complete.

by Arpita R

Dec 09, 2016

It was a very interesting course. It has benefited me to stimulate my creative juices. Would really love to continue its next module if any.

Thank you all the Facilitators for your support,help and guidance.

by Edima

Feb 01, 2016

Creativity, Innovation and Change is a refreshing taking on using creativity to solve problems. It employs the use of structured but unique approaches to solve problems in an individual or team setting.

by Ruhani D

Oct 04, 2019

It's been great learning about creativity and what it means relative to innovation and change! A really good starter for anybody whose in the creative field and would like more ideation techniques!


Apr 07, 2016

I think this course is full of fun. It taught me many techniques for creating things. I think in my future life, it can help me a lot.

by Arturo B

Jun 20, 2017

Great work with the motivation on the students at the balance of my spirit and CENTER, between family and work.

by Phyllisa M F

Apr 19, 2020

I think a mixture of simpler assignments could've been mixed in with the longer assignments.

by Yrvin Y P C

Jun 02, 2020

It's great to be able to open your mind and really see other forms of innovation

by Marita A

Mar 02, 2018

Very insightful information that helps specifically in generating ideas.

by Andy Y

Mar 12, 2020

Course provided several new methods I was unaware of. Great Insight!

by Kundan k

Oct 01, 2019

it was one of the most life learning exercise

by Muhammad A

Jun 09, 2017

It was really awesome for energati

by Doa'a K

Feb 21, 2016

amazing ideas in a simple way