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Digital business models are disrupting 50-year old companies in telecommunications, transportation, advertising, e-commerce, automotive, insurance and many other industries. This course will explore the business models of software disruptors of the west such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, and the east such as Xiaomi and weChat. The class uses a structured framework for analysing business models with numerous examples so that students can apply it to their own business or case study. We will explore how software developers are not just the innovators but also the decision makers in modern competitive battles from mobile to cloud, and from consumer goods to enterprise software. And we will also explain how developers are the engine of digital business models, using examples from diverse industries – from healthcare to aviation....



A good overview of how businesses can leverage on digital tools. Too bad I could not afford to purchase the certificate as of the moment so I have to settle with auditing this course for now.


Definitely changed my outlook.\n\nAssignments are very good to involve you even further and foster the knowledge. But they made me stuck and did not let me to move on for weeks together.


Digital Business Models: 26 - 50 / 148 レビュー

by augustin m


From the beginning, I was fascinated by the course. It helped me acknowledge and understand the way business work in this era. I totally recommend it! For sure, I will do more courses on this platform.

by Stephen B


A good overview of how businesses can leverage on digital tools. Too bad I could not afford to purchase the certificate as of the moment so I have to settle with auditing this course for now.

by M S S


This course was really helpful where I could learn much more about businesses being digital and who all are helping the business to achieve that competitiveness.

Thanks a lot!

by Vishal J


This course has provided me a very good understanding of the Digital Business Model. This has helped me to appreciate and contribute in Digital Business Transformation.

by Jose M


Good introduction to topic. Brilliantly summarized and characterized how iconic companies create, deliver, capture, and defend business value via Digital

by Dionysia A


Simple and interesting lesson for everyone. It includes interesting content, but there is no need to pay for a certificate for this kind of lessons.

by Bogdan G


If you are interested in Business Models of today Digital Era - this course is a must. Simple explanation, lot of powerful examples. Amazing.

by Dony P


This course is packaged in easy to understand language and help me have better understanding of the digital business model in a high level.

by Jan-Willem H


I have been experiencing the course Digital Business Models as well balanced and well structured. Very interesting and applicable course!

by Jan P


Very nice course, because the learning structure and examples are good, if you like to earn knowledge to transfer to other subjects.

by Sergio T V


Excellent. Introduces two very interesting and practical concepts that help a better comprehension of digital business models.

by Martín N


Interesting course, it will expand your vision of digital business model and it will teach you how to analyze the market

by Akinleye S B


This course is enlightening. I deeply appreciate the instructor and Coursera has made learning interesting and fun.

by Jorge S


Great course to reflect about Digital Business applications to solve problems both business and world challenges

by Iurii S


Thanks for interesting course. I can't to find the same course on Coursera. I will wait second and new part.

by Michael M


This Course is very interesting, insightful and will hopefully be very helpful in taking my career further.

by Maleesha S


this was awesome .because we can got good knowledge. obviously this course is so important for everyone.

by Guillermo L


It is a quite good MOOC to experience, cover the present trends of digital business. nice work fellows.

by nbmg_05


Great overview of digital business models, easy to understand and the examples made the concepts clear.

by Bernd K


Its a perfect class. Gives a good overview and also some indeepth insight into digital business models.

by Rafael C


Excellent content! It helped me to understand the business relevance of the software development world



I liked so much, and i could lear a lot of new things for my job and my career, thanks so much :)

by ratih w


awesome course! updated and giving me new knowledge and a new business model in the digital era.

by Chen J


It's a great course which provided deeply understanding of the digital business model.

by monika t


C​omprehensive and new. Helping me to sharpen understanding aboout digital business.