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In this course, you will learn how Django communicates with a database through model objects. You will explore Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for database access and how Django models implement this pattern. We will review the Object-Oriented (OO) pattern in Python. You will learn basic Structured Query Language (SQL) and database modeling, including one-to-many and many-to-many relationships and how they work in both the SQL and Django models. You will learn how to use the Django console and scripts to work with your application objects interactively....




Excellent course. Enables deployment of Python to the web, and provides "framework" tools so you don't have to "reinvent the wheel" and so you can better leverage best-practices.



I was always afraid to start with any web framework but instructor make it feel like an easy task. I am happy that finally I am up for taking my skills to next level.


Building Web Applications in Django: 1 - 25 / 147 レビュー

by Puru R


Course Structure is very much complex and theoretical rather thanpractical

by Walter B H I


Excellent course. Enables deployment of Python to the web, and provides "framework" tools so you don't have to "reinvent the wheel" and so you can better leverage best-practices.

by Jian G


This is a great course! Dr. Chuck is very demonstrative and hit the nail on the head.

It shows his vast experience in online teaching and continuous improvement on his teaching and material.

Dr. Chuck is a blessing!

by Bart C


Great course. I love python, and I have always wondered how to use it for web development. Charles Severance is a very engaging and knowledgeable instructor.

by Serhii D


Solid course with good explanation. One strong advice - start loving official software/hardware docs. It's like LEGO - just follow the instruction. Cheers

by Ameya S


I have some previous experince with django but this course make me understand in depth concept of django. many times I struggled with CSRF, post - refresh etc. but professor explain this concept so well also, this course didn't gave me in hand code instead they redirect us to django documentation which help me to understand documentation and proper way to read documentation.

by Hiten S


Best Way to explain Django Model, Django template Language And CSRF Concept.

by Ashkan R


Graded Projects are simply Tutorials from, which personally I don't find any value working through them. At the end, I find myself completely confused, many things left out unexplained.

by Rashim N T


It is an okay course but I felt most of the learning happens in the Official Django Tutorial. This makes this course redundant if you are not complete beginner.

by Todd T


The lectures were very simple and easy to understand but the tutorials at were very complicated and seemed to assume a more advanced understanding of python. I'll have to go through these tutorials several times before I completely understand what is going on. Chuck is great, but the tutorial portion should be customized to the level that Chuck is teaching. Maybe it's too much work to do this, but it would be helpful.



The course was too complex and there were no combined examples to see how the things are working together, I guess it would be there in the next courses

by Kanishtha D


I thought the course material is not even required to complete the course. Just follow django tutorials and you can skip the video lectures.

by Paolo M


I like the approach taken by the instructor, who does not focus on the coding syntax only, but on how Django is architectured and how things (the Web) work. In almost every lecture, I've kind of felt how the instructor's experience was somehow passing on to me years of coding/design wisdom, by means of simple sentences/hints/tips here and there. For instance, I've been able to understand more about OOP through the videos on how Django works under the hood. I'd say I feel now confident enough to go ahead and explore the documentation on my own.

by Robin D


Incredible course, I was able to finish everything in about 1/2 a week because I'd unintentionally started on the Django Application Project for this course (by following YouTube tutorials). I recommend taking the 1st course in the series if you haven' t, but I was able to figure out how to get my work graded using PythonAnywhere as well as Ngrok on my own with Dr. Charles' awesome resources. Everything is explained professionally and clearly.

by Juan R R R


I think this is a great course. The professor teaches the concepts in a really clear way. I think it's the first Django course that teaches how an HTTP request is handle by the server in such a detail way and clear concepts :)

by Stavros L


Best django course you can find. The instructor walks you through the course material in the correct pace and the assignments/bonus quizzes help you understand how this framework operates

by Muhammad A


I was always afraid to start with any web framework but instructor make it feel like an easy task. I am happy that finally I am up for taking my skills to next level.

by Ayesh R


An excellent starting point for anyone who is looking to start their learning curve in Django as a beginner.

by Alejandro C


Course is extremely thorough. Really recommend reading all the supporting material.

by Maciej P


10/10 would take this once more




by Michal K


I​ like Dr. Chucks Python classes, but this is not the one I would recommend.

V​ideos are too long, not much practice, only following the oficial tutorial

by Cristian Y


Great introduction to Django framework, first you'll how Data Models works in Django, explaining how Django implements Object Relational Mapper, then you'll hop to Django views introducing to templates and Django Template Language and finally learn the basics of how a form works in Django.

by Markus Z


Very nicely done. I like the tempo of this course. And what I like most is that you can really feel that Dr.Chuck is enjoying explaining things. So it's fun and educational. What else do you need ;-)

by Avulapati N


A great course again by Dr.Chuck. Really helped me in understanding various concepts of dynamic programming and building applications using Django.