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In this course, we see what the common challenges faced by data analysts are and how to solve them with the big data tools on Google Cloud. You’ll pick up some SQL along the way and become very familiar with using BigQuery and Dataprep to analyze and transform your datasets. This is the first course of the From Data to Insights with Google Cloud series. After completing this course, enroll in the Creating New BigQuery Datasets and Visualizing Insights course....




I love how this course was well structured. The labs helped excellently in getting hands-on experience with the tools. I highly recommend this one for starting out any analyzing with BigQuery



I thoroughly enjoyed learning about BigQuery and using the Google Data Prep blew my mind! I am planning to use it for my day to day work and also take up more courses about Data prep


Exploring ​and ​Preparing ​your ​Data with BigQuery: 301 - 325 / 456 レビュー

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by Íñigo L


I find this course a very useful introduction to data analysis in the cloud. Videos allow quick incursions on well delimited topics. Labs, even if time constrained, allow well structured practices on GCP tools. However, I find some pedagogic faults in evaluation. I'll give two examples. In the SQL syntax errors lab there were questions about not covered topics (e.g. legacy SQL formats) or multiple answer questions, which correcta answers were some been covered and some not. That's confusing an frustrating. Same for quizes: there are some that seem trivial (little and easy questions) and others that are frustrating (e.g. Quiz 5, in which I'm pretty sure none of the 3 provided answers for question 2 is right, and in which none of the 3 answers provided (which I checked in as many attempts) is deemed correct by you.) This is a very good introduction, indeed: I believe it merits a litlle more careful consideration of evaluation items and issues. Thank you!

by Dan B


It was a little slow to start with, with the structure not being very clear from the offset, especially when it came to the first lab, it was not clear that the point was to get you used to the UI, it initially appeared that the you were expected to understand the SQL queries in the lab aswell, a simple "don't worry about these queries for now you will learn this later, I just want you to see what the interface looks like". Apart from this very specific point, it was generally a great course and the instructor was great!

by Connie R


Overall, the course is good. I learned a lot, it's a nice intro to Google Cloud and BigQuery. However, the amount of glitches in the labs was super annoying. The last lab with Data Fusion, I just couldn't complete because it kept thinking that I didn't run the pipeline, even though i completed it two times and all was fine. In one of the earlier labs the instructions were confusing too and would have caused you to choose incorrect answers if you followed them strictly. Anyways, it's a mixed bag, but overall good.

by David M


This was a very basic course early on, seemingly geared toward beginning SQL users. Only in Modules 4 & 5 did the direction change toward operation of GCP specifically, regarding billing (and related query performance) and the Cloud Dataprep module.

A little of the lab work was made more difficult by the fact that GCP interfaces have changed since the instructions were written, particularly for finding column details in Cloud Dataprep in the Module 5 lab.

by Innbal M


The course was great in terms of the information and the way it was given. The downsides were too much emphasis on SQL syntax, problems I had connecting with the right qwiklabs projects and the fact that the UI for both bigquery and dataprep had changed since the course was created. Thanks!

by Chariton C


Easy and nice introduction to BigQuery and revision of SQL basics. A few times I felt lost in the labs but overall no problem. Depending on your level of familiarity, those with SQL experience will find the exercises trivial, while those without difficult (but straightforward to solve).

by Konstantin F


Generally it is a good course with high quality of materials. As for me it would be useful to add description of key technical and SQL syntax differences between BigQuery and main RDBS. For example, using indexes in classical DB and how BigQuery deals with it to keep high performance.

by Allyson D d L


This course is cool but the labs have a time limit to work on. It's a little bit boring. The activities aren't challenging, you just need to follow the intructions and copy and paste commands. The good thing is that it can be your first contact with cloud, of BigQuery specifically.

by Deleted A


A few questions in the labs and the quizzes could be answered differently depending on your SQL level. Yet, you HAVE to answer them exactly as they want you to answer. The videos need to be updated so to reflect the current UI of BigQuery and not how it was a few years ago.

by Sahil K S


Contents are really noteworthy..!! One must look for the lab and spend some time exploring various features of BigQuery using Google Cloud. The best thing I liked in this course is they are providing free(trial) qwiklabs account for every lab.

by Yongbo S


Really great course. Well organized and filled with really useful tools and information. It's better if the team could update the instructions for the labs since right now the instructions are for old versions of BigQuery and Cloud Dataprep.

by Jose E D R


i had trouble with the dataprep section of the course due to "data prep" not actually loading. That said, the walk through was enough to for me to actually study and get knowledge from the section i missed due to the malfunction of Dataprep.