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Of all the animals on earth, which are the strongest for their size? What about the fastest? Who were the first animals to evolve flight? Insects take all of these titles and more! As the most abundant animals on the planet, insects and other arthropods affect our lives in so many ways. From beneficial interactions like pollination and biological pest control, to the transmission of life threatening diseases; this course will teach you about the big ways that these little arthropods impact our lives. In Bugs 101: Insect-Human Interactions, you will be plunged into the diverse (and sometimes alien) world of arthropods to learn how they work, what they do, and how insects and humans interact every day. After completing this course, you will be able to: Describe the evolutionary relationships between insects and their arthropod relatives Inventory major groups of insects and their diversity Demonstrate evolutionary adaptations that make insects successful Discuss insect biology and human-insect interactions Evaluate positive and negative interactions between insects and humans Propose practical and symbolic roles insects play in human societies...




Very interesting and specially the anchors of this course are very enthusiastic and encouraging throughout the course so my focus is maintain for bugs and surly I will search more on insects further.



Excellent course! Content-rich and very informative both as a learning experience for the insect enthusiast or beginning entomologist as well as an excellent review for the practicing entomologist.


Bugs 101: Insect-Human Interactions: 126 - 150 / 495 レビュー

by Nien K


Fantastic course, I learned so much about insects! This course gave me a whole new appreciation for the insect world. The instructors and the interviewed experts were truly inspiring in their enthusiasm and knowledge. I would definitely recommend others to take this course!

by Winnifred W


This course was amazing! I recommend it to people with some background in biology. You do not just learn the benefits of insects and other arthropods. You learn how to preserve these tiny wonders. What you do not see or barely see in the wild, effects your life every day.

by Dorothy J


Very informative and interesting. I liked the topics from what bugs are, to how they are managed, and then cultural aspects. It is giving me a new way to look at what is in my backyard, where if I need to do a little pest management, I don’t need to use strong pesticides.

by Mrsdsease


I really love insects and it was a really informative course, very concise and well structured. The concepts were very clear and the additional material was very helpful. Congratulations to the university of Alberta, it's academics and the team that produced this videos.

by Josh C


This was perfect for me as a side-course to take in the evening after my kids and work have been completed. I learned much more than I expected, and really enjoyed the lessons from the whole team! Would definitely recommend to anyone who's remotely interested in insects.

by Melanie d M


Thank you so much for such an informative and fascinatingly awesome course! I've learned so much and gained an even bigger appreciation for these amazing creatures! I would highly recommend this course to everyone, from beginners to professionals working in conservation.

by Aavash A


The course was really insightful. The conversation with different experts from their respective fields makes me aware of the scope of entomology. After completing the course I have developed much respect for insects and I aspire to be a good entomologist in the future.

by Mary C


I would recommend this course for everyone who cares about sustainability and the environment. It is an excellent course which is very well presented. Also, the visuals are fascinating. I've always liked insects, but now I have an even greater appreciation for them.

by Georgios K


I totally enjoyed this course! It was a great experience! All the instructors had done a great job and everything was understandable and clear. I learned a lot of new things and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to obtain this knowledge! Thank you very much!

by Mary J B


This was an enlightening, intriguing, thorough, challenging, balanced entomology course that was scientifically presented. The quantity and quality of supplementary readings was outstanding, and the course notes are absolute keepers for future reference and review.

by Raiyan M D


It's a great course for anyone who loves insects, and my gosh must I say that the prepared summary slides for each chapter is AMAZING! I am an environmental science uni student at James Cook University, and the quality of our slides do NOT even come close to these!

by Anais L


It was an amazing course. I want to do it again, jeje. The information that you have is of excellent quality. I would like to do my master's degree at Alberta University with all of you. The interviews are great. Congratulations for an amazing and wonderful course.

by Carol M


A very interesting course. It really opened my eyes to the fascinating world of insects and our interactions with them. The myriad adaptations that insects have made is mind boggling. Another very well done course from the University of Alberta! Thanks Coursera!

by Gerry S


I​ am taking the WV Master Naturalist Course and this course counts towards my elective hours. It was excellent ... as a non scientist I struggle with scientific terms but this course instructors were excellent. I found their feynman learning style refreshing!

by belle p


It's a very fun and interesting course. I've taken entomology subjects in school but I've still learned new and different information in this course. I recommend this very much if you have an interest on the field of entomology or just want to learn new things

by Brandon S


Fantastic course. Very engaging and well taught in general. This course really utilizes Coursera and online learning to an incredible degree that left me wanting more! Had a great time learning and would take another course offered by this team in a heartbeat.

by Deepti R B


This is an amazing course that has provided me with knowledge about insects from multiple perspectives and multiple stakeholders working in this space. It has triggered my interest to learn more about these interesting creatures through observation in nature.

by Tiziano G



I really loved this course, easy to understand and awesome video-lectures. It was my second course with this university and I will definitely do more courses with them.

If you love insects, both like an enthusiast or an expert, this course is a must do.

by Krishnendu S


Exceptionally good course for everybody. You may like insects or hate them, but you must take the course. It is also very useful for Zoology majors and those Zoology Ph.D., who have a passion for entomology but never got the chance to invest in the subject!

by Siobhan B


I am currently a first year Zoology student in New Zealand, with a goal of becoming an Entomologist. There aren't many insect related courses available in my country so I decided to take up this one. I am beyond pleased with this course, so glad i took it!

by Andrea K


Excellent course! Initially I only wanted to browse and didn't expect to go all the way. But the course was so well prepared and interesting that I finished it. It is great for beginners as myself but also offers lots of in-depth material for deeper study.

by Steven L J


An amazing course, great that all the lessons are also in Pdf format next to the video lectures for future reading. The instructors are amazing and quite frankly I wish my teachers would have been as engaging and passionate when I was attending university.

by Sandra L


This was an excellent course. I was fascinated by so many aspects of the lessons, and learned a great deal about insect life, and the relationship between humans and insects. I really appreciated the obvious fascination that the lecturers have for insects.

by maria e s


hi!i am Maria Eleni Sourtzi and i am an environmentalist. As a child i had so many questions about insects that nobody knew to replay to me. I am so glad i did this course, all of my questions where aswered and new were created.Congradulations!thank you

by Jingtian Z


I used to lack the knowledge of insects more than any other animal groups, but with this couse, insects have a different and more important role in my knowlegde. It made me know and respect the largest (in species) and The smallest (on size) on Earth.