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Construction Project Management introduces you to Project Initiation and Planning. Industry experts join Columbia University professor, Ibrahim Odeh, to give an overview of the construction industry. Professor Odeh teaches the fundamentals of the Project Development Cycle while guest lecturers discuss Lean Project Delivery method and Lean Design Behaviors. Technological advances, such as Building Information Modeling, will be introduced with real world examples of the uses of BIM during the Lifecycle of the Project. The course concludes with Professor Odeh discussing the importance of project planning and scheduling and an opportunity to develop a Work Breakdown Structure....




I thought it was a great intro coming from my Architecture background and looking forward to the other classes. I did think the information was occasionally repetitive but overall it had a great flow.



This was a great experience. It gave the confidence to tackle such issues as Duration of Activity Schedules and many more. Learned a lot and course content will forever be my guide on future projects.


建設プロジェクト管理: 276 - 300 / 1,227 レビュー

by Alek R M D


it's one of the best course I have ever learn, thank to all the professors who have given their time to give us full materials for this course

by Mourad


Thank you everyone who made this course. It was very useful. I wish Colombia can make an Online Masters in Construction Management on Coursera

by Christian A M


This was perhaps the most comprehensive course to construction management I've seen in a platform like this. The exercises also helped a lot.

by Cesar R


A very good course to refresh concepts and learn new theme. A great opportunity to practice english in a construction management environment.

by Enrique S


The information provided in the course is of very good quality and the exhibitors have a lot of knowledge regarding the topics they present.

by Gordon M


Solid course, good info on subjects that are good to review if you are already in the industry, or learning as someone new to the industry.

by Андрей П


As an engineer in a construction firm I should admit that this course is very useful for those, who start their careers in this profession.

by Simranpreet S


I had a great experience learning from such intelligent professors. I would recommend this course for every Civil Engineer pursuing Btech.

by Shivendra S


Excellent course. It covers everything in a very clear and easy way. It will definitely be helping in enhancing my skills. Thank you all.

by Adriano P D V


Excelente curso, una introducción de excelente calidad, docentes muy buenos , casos reales de lo mejor en cursos de CPM hasta la fecha.

by Punit S S


Its one of the best course available for civil engineers available online and came to know about many things while learning this course

by Jesus A M


All topics explained in this certification are extremely important, useful on field, it’s a scoop of real management, 100% recommended.

by justin v


easy to follow along but assignments need more details or at least a spot to discuss with teacher before turning it in. glad I passed.

by Mostafa B


This is a really good introduction to construction project management. I have learn some basic notions and I would thank you for that.

by Dimas D


this course gave me a broader range of knowledge and insights than studying on campus, making me better equipped to work in the field

by Subhash C


Very helpful in understanding construction science in a very simple and lucid manner with example and quizes which are of great help.

by Mokpson J


This is wonderful course and I learn a lot most especially project management, time management, cost and timely and also quality work

by Alejandro D l T C


Great course, I was hoping to learn about the basics of this and that was exactly what this course is. Great for introductory levels.

by Muhammad M z


This is the right course for everyone whose trying to learn about construction management.

I learnt a lot of things from this course.

by Samy B


this course has been very beneficial to my carrier and helped me understand more about how the construction industry actually works.

by Federico Z A


I highly recommend this course from Columbia University. Excellent methodology and teachers as well. Coursera is the best, for sure.

by Hany A


Thank you so much for this precious course that will be for sure big add value in my CV and will increase my qualification strength.



This course is very helpful specially for civil engineers and also helps in building a strong background of construction management.

by Mon J D O


I've learned very useful knowledge that I can use in the field of engineering, especially on management of a construction project.

by tejas b


learned the basics about construction management. Very informative lectures and great innovative ways to showcase the information.