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How did the State of Israel come to be? How is it that an idea, introduced in 19th century Europe, became a reality? And how does that reality prevail in the harsh complexities of the Middle East? Presented by Professor Eyal Naveh, with additional units from Professor Asher Sussers' "The Emergence of the Modern Middle East" course, This course will take you on a journey through the history of Modern Israel. In this 1st part of the course we will explore: How did the 19th century idea of a Jewish state become a reality? So the next time you hear about Israel in the news, you will be informed enough about the history of this area to comprehend the many sides and narratives that interact to shape the complex reality of Israel today. Please note that there is a second part to this course "The History of Modern Israel - Part II: Challenges of Israel as a sovereign state" which is a direct extension of this part. We highly recommend to continue to the second part after you finish this one ( In order to receive academic credit for this course you must successfully pass the academic exam on campus. For information on how to register for the academic exam – Additionally, you can apply to certain degrees using the grades you received on the courses. Read more on this here – Teachers interested in teaching this course in their class rooms are invited to explore our Academic High school program here – * This course is a joint effort of Tel Aviv University & Israel Institute ( * This course uses media material from various archives, courtesy to Yad Vashem Archive for their help. * This course is self-paced. Once you register, you can participate in the course anytime, as often as you wish and over any stretch of time...



Sep 27, 2019

"The History of Modern Israel – Part I: From an Idea to a State" is a time demanding course for all of us nowadays to know the real history of modern Israel. Thanks Coursera for the such opportunity.


Feb 03, 2018

The course began with a question..What do we know about Israel(its history)? The course ended with an answer is " Is there anything more to be known?" Excellent course!!!!


The History of Modern Israel – Part I: From an Idea to a State: 51 - 75 / 142 レビュー

by Khalil A M

Feb 25, 2018

Excellent Course, very informative. I hopeful I will join part two of course as well.

by Ragnar T

Dec 02, 2017

This is a very good course, very informative and the Professors are very good lecturers. Only one thing that could be better and that is to have the course material on pdf so one would be able to read as well. I went in November for the first time to Israel and fell in love with the country and enormous history it has to offer. So I decided to deepen my knowledge and find an online history course which was The History of Modern Israel.


Jul 18, 2017

so hard


Jun 06, 2018

This course is a importante complement to a lot of books, and bring us a great Vision about such relevant details that are dificult to find, percept or even understand without a teacher.

Thank you for all !!!

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בארצ בעתיד קרוב


by Katarina M

Dec 03, 2017

Great course, very much needed as so much incorrect information circles around about Israel.

by Alexis P

Nov 11, 2016

Very well done!

by Lucy I D L R T

Mar 25, 2017

Me encanta el dinamismo que el profesor le da a las clases y te ayuda a visualizar lo rápido que ha crecido la nación, y como Israel trata de mantener una economía de bienestar para todo el que vive en el país.

by Deleted A

Dec 27, 2015

I really enjoyed this course. It was really quite informative. I am now onto another course at TAU and looking forward to learning more.

by Michael K

Jan 27, 2016

I learned so much from this course, it added so much flesh to the bones of my knowledge.

by Bernard D V

Sep 26, 2016

Very good class about the history of a complex situation in Palestine.

Teachers are clear, they don't take any side and we learn a lot.

It's important to have a good point of view of one of the oldest and complex conflict of modern times.

by Samuel

Mar 09, 2016

I am proud of learning a course about the History of the modern state of Israel beginning from Zionism Ideology till the state of Israel was born.

This is the History of the Jewish people and the fulfillment of the Biblical Prophecy for the Jews to inherit the Promised Land which foretold by the prophets before 2000 years ago.

by Katie G

Jun 07, 2017

Great course, wonderful information. I think the information introduced could be divided into a six-week course, making the material more digestible.

by Deleted A

Feb 03, 2018

The course began with a question..What do we know about Israel(its history)? The course ended with an answer is " Is there anything more to be known?" Excellent course!!!!

by Antonia T B

Apr 28, 2018

An excellent course. I enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot. The lectures were very clear and super interesting. Professor Eyal Naveh is amazing and professor Asher Susser too. I missed a bit of more different interviews, but overall the course is excellent. I wish everybody would take this course for having a more clear picture of what happens in Israel today. 10/10. Thanks a lot.

by Miguel V

Aug 30, 2017

Very interesting to know about Israel modern history (majority on XX Century)

If you like this course I also recommend: The Emergence of the Modern Middle East

Also in two parts, but it's about the other Middle East places (not just Israel / Palestine)

Thank you.

by Steven Y

Nov 20, 2016

Very interesting and informative course. Appeared to take an objective approach to contentious historical developments, balancing competing views and interests well.

by kouassi n c

Jul 11, 2017

I have always wanted to know the true story of the Israeli people, I never wanted to listen to what television or some newspapers tell about this people and today I am satisfied with what I learned through this course I agree that all peoples must have their own land despite the fact that we are in fact all brothers and sisters in the background.

by Lenka J

May 05, 2018

I understand well, only with test I had little problems due my English language. But all capture was interesting.

by William F

Jul 07, 2017

This course was very informative and well presented.

by Jayrome N

Jun 01, 2016

Got tons of information from this course.

by Yury F V

Jul 03, 2016

Esse curso é uma ferramenta excelente para compreender os conflitos históricos , políticos , religiosos e ideológicos que estão envolto a nação de Israel e a Palestina. Parabéns a Universidade de Tel Aviv e aos seus professores pelo trabalho desenvolvido.

by rony p r

Nov 17, 2016

Good course. This course will clear the history of Jewish state in sequential order. Presented very well

by Ben F

May 27, 2018

Great general overview for someone totally new to the material. Very informative and professionally presented.

by RevFaith C

Sep 12, 2017

Excellent Course.

by Betsy D

Nov 11, 2015

Great bite-size lessons, very informative and interesting. Thank you!