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This course is the eighth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. You’ll have the opportunity to complete an optional case study, which will help prepare you for the data analytics job hunt. Case studies are commonly used by employers to assess analytical skills. For your case study, you’ll choose an analytics-based scenario. You’ll then ask questions, prepare, process, analyze, visualize and act on the data from the scenario. You’ll also learn other useful job hunt skills through videos with common interview questions and responses, helpful materials to build a portfolio online, and more. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn the benefits and uses of case studies and portfolios in the job search. - Explore real world job interview scenarios and common interview questions. - Discover how case studies can be a part of the job interview process. - Examine and consider different case study scenarios. - Have the chance to complete your own case study for your portfolio....




A useful training course for all fields and gives expanded thinking to find problems and solve them in the best correct ways. It can be said about a method that reaches the correct thinking in life.



This course is a must have in order to be confident about yourself in your search of a new career or to position yourself as an astute Junior Data Analyst. The learning experience is phenomenal!


Google Data Analytics Capstone: Complete a Case Study: 26 - 50 / 858 レビュー

by Hans


there must be review of case study to give feedback

by Pittawat S


not clear about what i suppose to do . i just really asking and write in that form ?

by Mohammed S u H


I have had a very tough time in Course 8 of Google Analytics at Coursera, I am feeling there is something missing at this point. Its not that I don't understand, I did well for all previous courses, I did understand and enjoyed. But at this point I think that there is something missing. It should not end up this way.  While studying here I was feeling myself energized by learning, understanding lessons and answering quizzes, because I was doing all my exercise and understanding all lectures and coding until lesson 8. Here I was disappointed and feel deceived. And the reason I guess is very clear. For people like me with basic English knowledge ( I am sure I am not the only one here) There must be a walk through follow along  included in this course showing how you make your profile step by step, putting things together and doing your case study, working with example and follow on applying all the knowledge gained so far and putting them together, not leaving like this. I AM SURE THIS IS SOMETHING WHICH IS MISSING IN THIS PART OF COURSE.

by Glenn F


I'm only rating this way because I can't rate the entire Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. I just wasted 6 months on this course with the promise I could get a job in data analysis. Well, I can crush data analysis! But my lack of background in math is proving to make me unhirable. I wish I'd known this before wasting time and money on this program. Now I'm 6 months behind training for another career.

by Jian L


Very little guidance about the case study, very disappointing

by Albert M C L


considero que es un excelente curso para iniciar como data analyst y posteriormente continuar con tu formación para poder seguir aprendiendo de todas las herramientas que te muestra el curso

by Tosin O


Fantastic course - I thoroughly enjoyed it, worth every effort. I can't wait to apply and enhance these skills. Thank you to the Google Team and everyone who contributed to this project.

by Ali J




by Brittany S


Overall, I thought this course was really good, especially for the value relative to the cost.

Coming in, I already had intermediate skills in data analysis, so the first few weeks of the course were a little basic and introductory. I appreciated that there was the option to test out of some of that framework.

I was really here for the SQL and R sections, which were new skills for me, as well as to improve my skills in Tableau which were very basic. While I found both these sections were great to form an understanding of the core concepts in SQL, R and Tableau, I don't feel as though I retained enough of the more advanced skills in these areas and would need to supplement in order to be proficient at these skills. I'm also more on the business analyst side and am not super interested in the more technical components, so it's fair to say that there may be others who will pick this up during this time.

I would have rather had the course focus only on SQL, vs including R, so that way users could actually learn more advanced functions in SQL.

For those just starting out, or for truly building a framework for an entry-level position, I think this course is solid and would highly recommend. But, if you're looking to go a little deeper

by Soroya C


Thank you and your team!

I found the Data Analytics course informative and useful. I have already applied some of the tips in my current position when applicable. I look forward to learning more about and using the data analytic tools. I would like to make a suggestion to have a more dedicated video to creating a notebook on Kaggle. Similar to the video using RStudio/R.

Thank you again!

by Brian W


Overall very thorough with thought out steps through each part of the course.

I believe the section teaching Tableau could have been much more in depth to show what the platform is capable of.

by David Y


amazing content but the guidance was very poor.

by Weslley


The course, in general, is good: you do the activities with the instructors with Hands-On etc. but in contrast, there are just too many skills to learn to become a Data Analyst and it feels like the program does not prepare you enough. Also, in the end, you have to do a project and in this part, you basically have to do everything on your own, so I haven't done my case study, I don't even know how to start it, because I think it is quite challenging to do sth from scratch by yourself when you had the assistance all the time before.

by Stephen P


Individual courses were good introductions to the various subjects.

The Course on R could have been better.

The Capstone is an absolute joke. Just terrible.

I really wish I hadn't paid for this.

by Mahmoud S


It okay to give you the starting points to get to know the field of data analytics, however I expected more help finishing the capstone project at the end

by Daniil T


Unlike all previous courses within the Data Analytics Certificate, this one is very disappointing. There's a big gap between the skills one can earn throughout the courses and their applicability to the final Capstone project. We have learned general data analytics topics, specific tools, processes, etc. But we were studying them without a chance to look at the big picture - meaning, we were learning every skill in its own sandbox without adding them to the real analytics process. There's no chance to go through the data analysis from start to end similar to the capstone project, but with the supervision of the instructor. Thus, when entering the tasks listed under the capstone, you just don't know what to do. Yes, you know Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, R, and visualization tools, but you don't know where to begin with, how to put everything in order, what you should look at first, second, etc. In other words, there's a definitely missing course or part: a fully guided capstone project. The one in which the instructor(s) guides the learner throughout the project explaining the entire analytic process step by step, allowing learners to make attempts, and providing brief feedback.

This is why I personally have not completed the Capstone although I marked it as completed. I was simply lost in what I needed to begin with, what was next, and so on. Basically, the Capstone is useless for those who have no previous practical experience.

by FS


P​roject is very vaguely specified. Because the project points to data that changes over time, I encountered problems working with the data beyond the scope of a beginner's project. I was unable to solve them and became frustrated and gave up after several weeks.

O​verall representative of the half-assed approach taken by google with this cert. All this program does is filter out everyone who isn't already an excellent self-learner, and if you are then you can learn a lot faster on your own than wasting time wading through this program.

by Jimmy K


needs more structure. More assistance links and video conferencing features. Don't include super-large data sets to work with, as we're learning, and it's not even real data. The steps in the packet are vauge, not giving precise instruction.

by Audrey A


case study data sets are too large to work with, and it was impossible to complete for portfolio. Waste of time, and I wanted the practice

by Stanley F


This course is a must have in order to be confident about yourself in your search of a new career or to position yourself as an astute Junior Data Analyst. The learning experience is phenomenal!

by Kalkidan S W


I learned a lot from the course. It really added value on me and I am glad I joined. Instructors were very encouraging and the way the videos are presented is very short and easy to refer back.

by Tia R


I​ enjoyed the course and it truly pushed me to hold myself accountable for my own development. The test consistently checked for understanding, and the projects help with resources retention.

by Víctor M


Highly recommended program. The contents are carefully explained and cover lots of topics from the more basic concepts up to R programming and SQL queries and the entire data analysis process.

by Natalie B


It was amazing learning with Googlers! I learned a lot and will be always cherishing what I learned here and how it will help me acheive greater goals.

by Mariya A


It was really really fun to do this! I hope everyone else had a great time. I highly recommend doing 'your own' case study!