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There are over 100 million horses, donkeys and mules in the world today and owners of these animals can be found on almost every continent and in almost every society. The Horse Course will cover many unique aspects of equine ownership and touch upon the science behind many of today’s management practices....



Sep 09, 2018

I have learnt so much by taking this course, so thorough and engaging, ill be sad to not be studying this on my evenings anymore for sure.\n\n100% recommend. Thankyou for holding such a great course.


Sep 28, 2016

I have done a equine anatomy and physiology course through Toces in England, and have found when comparing this short online course very insightfull. I would love to do more of these


The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management: 51 - 75 / 187 レビュー

by Hope G

Dec 12, 2017

This was the perfect beginner course.

by Tessa R

Apr 04, 2018

I really liked this class. The way it is set up. The teacher, Dr. Chris Mortensen, was about my favorite teacher. His methods were amazing, so was his approach. I will definitely recommend this class to friends. Thanks.

by Lei-Ann C

Mar 02, 2018

I learned so much! It was a wonderful class. I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in equines.

by Ellie

Apr 26, 2017

really good course and have enjoyed doing it

by Nanette B

Oct 12, 2017

Good basic information. I would recommend to new horse owner. And good refresher for

by kathleen s

Sep 14, 2017

always interesting and lively

by Vanessa S D

Nov 27, 2017

Me gusto como el orden como lo dan, la información aporto mucho a mi practica diaria. El Dr. fue muy profesional y domina el tema.

by Linda T

Apr 18, 2018

Really enjoying this course, I would say it was higher than just a basic course, but very interesting and offering so much information.

by Allison I I

May 05, 2016

I'm a new horse owner. I've taken this course multiple times. It is the BEST introduction to being a responsible horse owner that I have found. I can't say enough good things. Even the content that didn't apply to my situation

by Tom P

Oct 16, 2016

Great course, so much information

by Helen C

Nov 18, 2016

Fantastic course, would highly recommend. I learnt so much. Can't wait till they bring out another course.

by Brianna M

Feb 09, 2016

Great intro course. Very informative, whether you're a horse owner or researching to become one!

by Maria A F G

Mar 02, 2016

I like so much this course, th teacher explains all the things very good

by Saira T

Feb 12, 2016

This course was absolutely brilliant. The professor explained about Horses in very easy ways. He was always available in the forums helping students. You don't need to own a horse to do this course. I always feel we should all further our education and knowledge on other living creatures that live on this Earth with us.

by Alayna G

Mar 21, 2016

I loved it wish there was more but you learn a heck of a lot in this course im glad i took it

by Abigail J

Oct 22, 2016

Was an awesome course that taught me a lot about the areas I was lacking in like nutrition and health.

by Michéle L T

Sep 28, 2016

I have done a equine anatomy and physiology course through Toces in England, and have found when comparing this short online course very insightfull. I would love to do more of these

by Amy B

Sep 10, 2016

Great course! I'm a city person who knew next to nothing about horses, who moved across the street from a rural horse farm. I made friends with every horse, but didn't know what sort of care they require. Now I know the basics of their care, and know where to go to find out more. Dr. Mortensen did a great job presenting this class, and his love of horses shows through in every lecture.

by Edwin M

Jul 09, 2017

This was an excellent introduction to horses as well as the basic care they require, I learned a great deal as well it was fun and challenging.

by Grace S

Feb 01, 2016

I love this course a lot. It helps me so much with everything from the basics of horse care and management to equine nutrition. I am thinking of being a vet, so this course is really helping me. I have also taken the Equine Nutrition course from the University of Edinburgh, and that course really helped me, too. Thank you for taking lot's of time to make this course and to help horse owners with their horses.

by Yazmynn J

Feb 09, 2016

This Course was absolutely Fantastic! I learned so much more about my horse that I never knew! I'm definitely going to be looking into the Equine Nutrition course that Courser offers. To anyone wanting to gain more knowledge of the equestrian world, then I would highly recommend this course! Dr. Chris is fantastic and is a great lecturer. Thank you so much for letting me do this course!

by Felipe C

Feb 28, 2016

A must do course for every horse owner!

by Sangeeth J

Jul 07, 2017

a challenging experience which amused my dull middle age

by Deleted A

Mar 09, 2016

It is a really good course with high standard. Very good teacher and all is very well made. Thank you to you all involved

by Yazmynn J

Apr 19, 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Chris for allowing me to do this amazing course. I love the enthusiasm that he has whenever he is discussing different topics. I absolutely loved doing this course and just wish that there was a more in-depth course which followed The Horse Course. I would recommend this course to everyone wishing to learn more about horse's and donkey's. Thank you again!