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What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury....



I absolutely enjoyed taking this course! Professor Bloom did an incredible job explaining the course material and providing additional reading materials to further my knowledge throughout this course.


This was my second course using this site, and with Professor Bloom, and once again it was great. I've genuinely learnt a lot, and I've found a new love for psychology I never would have found before.


心理学入門 : 151 - 175 / 4,697 レビュー

by Raphaela Z


I believe for those who learn better understanding the abstract way, rather than by learning the definitions, this is a wonderful course. Professor Bloom does a great job explaining/ making sense of psychology by using real-life situations. It is also pleasant that terminologies (accurate to the topics ) can be found in the readings to further enhance your understanding. Also, for international students, with English being their second/third language, like my case, it is quite comprehensive. The lectures use images and bullet points as support.

Also, as a side note: this course is free and I attended pricey psychology classes previously (in the same length of 6 weeks. I think that the quality of this course is at the equilibrium, or even better than other psychology courses.

Thank you for your efforts, Mr. Bloom, to provide this course!

by Zoe C


Some have said how the cartoon has ruined these lectures. I disagree, I can get easily bored watching a person stare at me and talk. The animations have been well thought out and the mix of media has really helped keep my attention. The lectures themselves were great. There were done in bitesize segments and were simply explained so someone who has never studied Psychology before (like me) can easily understand the terminology and various studies. I'm really happy I chose to do this course, I'm happy that I completed it without being reminded, I'm happy that I actually took the information in and made notes. I'm also very happy with my overall grade, I stuck to the honor system which has made me all the more pleased to have passed! I'm thinking about studying social or clinical psychology in more depth and this has really helped!

by Angelina M


It was my first time doing online course. I loved everything about the course, when professor bloom was teaching it felt like I was sitting in the class. I would tell my kids that I am the one sitting with back pony tails. The course was an eye opener, for a lot of things. In my family I have 2 people that psychotic disorder - schizophrenia. I learn a lot and it will be so easy to understand more of what is happening with them. They explanation of the subjects was made simply. I also enjoy the subject about happiness. I am happy that I started the course and finish because it has been my dream to learn something about the mind and human behavior. I love it......I love it. THANK YOU PROFESSOR BLOOM YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB, KEEP IT UP. in my venda which is my home language. NDO LIVHUWA ....Angie from South African --Pretoria

by Vishvajith G


I had to take up this course because I was under a dilemma if I had to take Psychology as my mainstream or Physics (which I am currently pursuing my under-graduate in) but unfortunately because I didn't have Biology in my high school stream, I couldn't take Psychology. I always wanted to know more about why humans are the way the are and this course surely paved a path towards me learning more about this. I am satisfied. Technically I guess that means happiness, now doesn't it?! I always wanted to be a mental health counsellor in a high school in India (which is my native) to create more awareness about it and make students take better decisions than what I did. Thank you Prof. Paul Bloom, it was a wonderful experience. Hope I could meet you when (I wish) I pursue my Masters in The United States. Thank You.

G. VIshvajith.

by Kavin P


Since long I was curious about questions like why do we have the thoughts that we do? What makes us good and bad? Why can't we battle our intuitions and cravings???

All these questions and much further detailed knowledge has been imparted to me from this course. I have learned about the various fields in psychology and that too with fun! The interactive method of teaching, engaging videos, detailed course material - which doesn't just give data, but also explains the biological, evolutionary reasons behind them!

It has opened an entirely new direction for me and has made me confident over my decisions in daily life. I am now even further motivated to learn psychology in deeper aspect after this course.

Thank you Professor Bloom, Thank you Yale University and Thank You So So much Coursera!!!

by Mashups & S


I greatly enjoyed this course. Everything about it, from start to finish was all I needed to be certain of the fact that I want to devote my life to studying psychology. I believe this course gave me all the knowledge I needed to kick off the fall semester and I cannot be more grateful! I especially enjoyed solving the quizzes and they were so simple considering Professor Bloom gave his all to make sure no matter whether or not you have a comprehensive knowledge of this subject, you will easily immerse yourself in his lectures. I appreciate his style and sense of humor and I am fond of the animation which makes things easy to understand. I certainly hope Professor Bloom publishes another course because I will for sure be among the first to enroll in it.

by M L


I am not a college student, nor am I a graduate. I've never been to college on such an academic level, but I can say with sincerity I thoroughly enjoyed this course and might even re-take it to bolster the fantastic knowledge Paul Bloom has shared with us. Since quarantining for COVID-19, I've discovered an interest in Psychology, and ever since I have been exploring possible higher education. I'd love to work towards a Master's. I am apprehensive to enroll, but this course has given me some courage that I can be capable of learning more about psychology. I really did enjoy it, and sad that it has concluded. However, I cannot wait to learn more and explore the subjects we covered in further detail. Thank you, Professor Bloom!

by Eray K


This is probably the best online course I have ever taken, on any platform, on any subject! Mr. Bloom is an excellent instructor. He created a very well organized structure that leaves no question marks behind as you go through the lessons, and every information he gives is crucial for the following stages of the course. I am glad I have taken this course, and even though I am into the field of psychology a lot, I strongly believe that anyone in the world, even if they have absolutely zero background in psychology would find this course pretty darn cool. He does not only make you learn some things, but he also makes you love psychology a lot more. This course is definitely worth all the hours you are going to put in!

by Kevin R


This course is an absolute masterpiece. I am simply giddy with delight from having studied it and now feel I have gained a good foundation on which I can continue my pursuit of learning more about psychology. Essentially, I have been interested in the subject for many years, yet until the coronavirus pandemic and the invention of MOOCs, I never seemed to have the opportunity to get started. I've read a lot of books about psychology, but this short course has put everything together in a way which has left me feeling on the one hand, a great grounding in the subject, on the other, a long road of study ahead of me ... so without further ado, I'd best get started. Thank you to everyone who made this course possible.

by Carlo A


Excellent Professor with every concept explained concisely. The videos are helpful. I definitely recommend others to take this course. I was incredibly amazed by this field and this has connections to my major and work. Moreover, I am always fascinated by the enduring ideas of James, Freud, Jung, Skinner, Bandura, and other figures of Psychology since college years. I took a Psychology class at the university but I had not had the slightest ideas about it because I was not directly interested in it before. Now it is one of the paths I want to explore in the future. I felt that I am immersed in the different ideas that can be learned and discovered in Psychology. It is truly remarkable. Thank you.

by Zahraa


Pr. Paul Bloom is such an inspiring teaching figure, not one moment was I bored from his topics. He includes personal anecdotes, a few jokes, and some extra resources that would help uncover more. He shares the most interesting experiments, speeches, and clips from movies that supply a more lively environment. I know so much more than when I began and everything I learned was worth while. I especially loved the Social psychology lectures and the happiness lectures, they really did provide some amazing insight, and the video quality overall, as in the animation, never once ceased to amaze me. I would totally recommend this course to virtually anybody who has some free-time and a keen mind.

by Cathy M


This may be second submission as I think I pressed a key by mistake. As I was saying: I loved this course and feel I have learned so much. It is so well presented: the personal introduction and ending by Professor Bloom; the intervening avatar presentations with a virtual whiteboard and cartoon figures made the learning experience engaging throughout. The level is higher than I expected being used to U3A (University of the Third Age) courses! The level is academic and appropriately so, but very thoughtfully explained with lots of clarifying examples. The tests are challenging and the 'try agains' are welcome.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to study and learn at my 79 years.

by Saima A K


Excellent course and highly recommended to people from all walks of life. This course gives a general overview of psychology but it does scratch the surface enough to make me want to learn more. The instructor, Dr.Bloom has an exceptional ability to explain complex concept in a simplified manner. And while learning I could not help but observe the application to everything around me from child development to wars.

Initially I didn't understand the need for the aminated-version but as I took the course, I realized that the visual representation of concepts really aided comprehension. I guess that too has been psychologically-tested. Overall, one of the best coursera has to offer!

by Shenin


From blank slate to "something valuable" in psychology, after much procrastination and struggling. Personally speaking, this course is not merely a learning exercise, rather, it was a kind of conditioning. This course opens its doors to numerous worlds. It was exciting to know about the works of great philosophers and psychologists, listen to crazy ideas, fabulous concepts - initially they all sounded weird to me, but the more I started thinking about them, the more deeper they were. And, last but not the least, this professor is awesome! I would love to take another session with Professor Bloom. I love his style, and voice modulation techniques. Classy experience!

by Sarah H


This was an interesting and worthwhile course for anyone who wants an easy-to-understand, basic overview on the subjects included under the umbrella of psychology. I found the lecturer to be knowledgeable and interesting and the lectures were presented well. I learnt some things I didn't know about psychology before such as how memory works and how different types of mental disorders manifest and the different methods of treating mental disorders. The course covers the history of psychology, child development & language, memory & cognition, the evolution of emotion, variations in personality & intelligence between individuals, mental illness and finally happiness.

by Maria A M


Professor Bloom was so engaging not because he looked like a cartoon for the most part but he made the content easily digestible to everyone. There are times I would run two weeks worth of lecture in one sitting because I cant wait for the next. Very good format and I learned quite a lot. In terms of whats next? It made it easier for me to decide to take up masters in psychology ( I dont know when though). I started this course pre Covid19 and ending it still during lockdown in the Philippines. As mentioned during the last part of the course, happiness is relative. Im very happy to complete this course regardless of our situation, Keep it up and thanks!



It is a very interesting and engaging course! I like the anime and illustrations: they really help me to better focus! In terms of the content, I love the brain part and the mental illness part best. Although I do not have time for all the readings, I plan to do some readings on these two parts. Btw, as an anthropology student, I've found many arguments quite provoking and to some extent, on the contrary to some theories which I have taken for granted in anthropology. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in psychology, social science, or just wants to learn some new things and have fun :). Hope you all enjoy it!

by Fahd H


Being a medical student, knowing that I'll have to deal with all sorts of patients in the future, made me realize that I'll need more than medical skills in order to succeed in my domain and provide the best healthcare experience t my patients. I was lucky enough to find this course by Professor Paul Bloom. Personally, I think this is the most complete course to introduce you to psychology. Pr. Bloom gave an overall view on psychology that will help you, by the end of the course, to talk about so many subjects you weren't aware of before. Huge thanks to Pr.Bloom, Yale university and Coursera for providing this amazing experience and journey.

by Emmanuel M H G


I am someone very found in psychology by never had the chance to study it as a complete, standalone, concrete course, so when I discovered it was offered by the University of Yale, I jumped on the opportunity as if it was the last hazelnut on planet Earth & the course delivered a wealth of information accompanied with real-life experiments done by psychologists throughout history, which further alleviated the drive within me all the more to dive even more in-depth into the world of psychology more profoundly, more articulately & more professionally.

Thank you University of Yale, thank you Prof. Dr. Paul.


Emmanuel Ghali (Mano).

by Divya R


I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course. I have an engineering backgound but am very interested in this topic. I would have definitely taken IntroPsych if I was offered it in school.

I have followed Professor Bloom's Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 110) on youtube. So when I saw there was a course on Coursera, I wanted to take it.

Though the topics were familiar, I did not find the content repetitive from his earlier lectures.

I do have to say I would have preferred a video format of watching the professor speak instead of distracting animations as he has a passion for the subject and there is Transference. :D

Very well designed course.



Prof. Paul Bloom has Good voice tone , He goes with Good flow and medium speed as Psychology requires us to think in that particular concept

"until if we are not thanking the concerned person it doesn't mean that we thanked the Almighty Allah" which is said by Prophet Muhammadh (sal).So I sincerely thank My Teacher Prof. Paul Bloom, Yale University, Coursera Officials ,My management and all other related persons for giving me an opportunity to undergo this course in an easier way.

Zasaakallahu Hairah(Let God gives u the best)

I Pray to the Almighty Allah to all the related persons from top to bottom to get success in both the world.

by Widiasatria U


For me that coming from non social/psychology background this course is pretty comprehensive very well taught. Personally I have an interest in psyschology and after this course I wish that I can use what have been thought in this course in my professional and personal living. Thank you so much, Professor Paul! A bit of shame that the time required for readings is not accurate and takes me much more than the mere 10 minutes indicated each week. I wish that in the future another languange subtitle is added, adjusting with the most participant, I found some difficulties with the languange because I'm not from english speaking country.

by Gizem S


I have enjoyed the fact that we as learners are not just looking at a Keynote presentation. There is an animated Professor Bloom, and other animated people or objects when he elaborates certain topics with examples, which are quite captivating in terms of attention, along with the videos shown during the lectures. In addition, I believe that the topics presented are on point, and not drawn out. I also enjoy the opportunity for a learner to have access to the reading material regarding the topics discussed, at the end of each lecture. Overall, I would recommend the course to everyone else who are interested in psychology like myself.

by Sandra. L


My name is Sandra Lucien, I'm from Haiti, I am currently  an Instructional Assistant with ASD children, working in Public Schools.  I took the course for fun, knowing that I wouldn't understand certain things at first, but it turned out that this course was the best of the best. I loved the videos, my favorite ones were Charlie and Big brother, also the video lengths were great. I learned more about society, people in the workplace, babies being smarter than we think, etc. I now know that one should not criticize what they can't do or understand.

Thank you so much for having me and for making learning fun. I did get my certificate.

by WEI T


This course provided me with all what I wanted to know about the general knowledge on Psychology. The content are well organized and professionally presented both in video and reading articles. I appreciate the opportunity to learn this course on Coursera and get access to the very distinguished ideas from the professor(s) from Yale University and other univeristies and research centers. In general, it worth all my efforts and time to take this course. My completion of the course in turn makes me more confident and inspires me to learn more about the subject and encourages me to keep learning in the future. Thank you very much.